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Drifting Away by JadSMor Drifting Away by JadSMor
Wow its really been over a month since my last submission. I knew school would have this effect.

Well, actually part of the problem is that I've been slaving away on a dragon poster for my room. That was part of the impetus for this work, I had to shelf the poster piece and draw something simpler. Working in 300 pixels on a file that is 40 by 28 inches is taxing, for me and the computer. I had to transfer it to my gaming PC because the data load was making my laptop crash. X_x. It's killing me because I have the background done, but I can't decide on how I want the scales to be. I've drawn them and decided I didn't like what I had like 9 times now.

But that's neither here nor there. Just thought I'd like to draw my fursona in feral form. Autumn seemed like a good theme. Did a quick sketch in between classes at school when the idea solidified in my head and Voila!. It was nice to relax a bit. There was a song that I had in mind when the idea initially came to me but the picture changed so much from the initial thought that it doesn't really apply anymore >.>.

I say it every time and I don't know why because I never get enough views for it to be relevant but Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated :P.
DindellaTheDefender Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not really in the right mindset for critique, so for right now I will just say that this is absolutely beautiful. I absolutely adore the background and the lighting. <3 And your sona truly needs a ref. I'd love to draw him sometime.
JadSMor Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013
I know I need to put a ref sheet out >.> Its on the to-do list, along with your gift art. School has just been taking shark sized bites of my time, I'm taking a 17 credit hour course load (its all science pretty much, chemistry physics and biology) plus I'm working as a research assistant for some Post-docs in the evolution and ecology department of our college of life sciences and I cant afford to not get A's for several reasons. The first being my scholarship will suffer, the second being that medical schools add extra weight to science courses.

Also I decided that I wanted to take some time and improve my skills some more before I produce more work. I found a really awesome website [link] and I've been watching the videos and doing the basic exercises suggested after them. I kinda wanted to finish the unplugged segment and all its associated exercises before I continued to produce stuff, partially because I made a grievous anatomical error in my last piece and nearly had a heart attack when I didn't notice it until 3 days later.

Thanks for your comment!
DindellaTheDefender Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Please don't think because I'm not currently able to be in college that I don't understand. :'D I was simply saying a ref would be nice. Focus on you work, what's important.
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September 21, 2013
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